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Once upon a time there was a Young Enterprise company called Silver Rain...

Silver Rain was set up in Wycombe High School in September 2001 as part of the registered charity 'Young Enterprise.'

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We are:

Managing Directors:
Haadia Choudhary,
Emma Vernon

Sales Directors:
Katie Heyes,
Zinnat Khoja

Financial Directors:
Sarah Ayub,
Clare Dazeley

Operations Directors:
Sarah Kirkley,
Kara Cubbage

IT Directors:
Rachel Gillett,
Zara Nawab

Marketing Directors:
Miranda Harrison,
Naivasha Elworthy

Personnel Director:
Uzma Yaqoob

Company Secretary:
Camilla Stevenson

Competitions Directors:
Kat Trewern,
Lizzy Kinsella

Design Team:
Chloe Smith,
Rose Stewart,
Emma Sutton,
Catherine Blofield


Silver Rain would like to thank our advisors for all of their help:

Pete Newell
Doug Nower
and also HSBC bank

Silver Rain is funded by selling shares. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who helped us set up our business by buying these shares. Click on Shareholders to find out our current projections for your shareholders dividends.

Silver Rain






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