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Cell Phone, Opening & Closing

Get in touch with us for more information or other buying oppurtunities.

Don't forget to e-mail us your comments! The best entry will win a product prize! Just tell us what you think of our business, our products or our web page and if we like it, you can have one of our products completely free! Click on comments to fill in our form and enter the competition.

(Silver Rain regrets that this opportunity is only available to Wycombe High School students)

We will also be selling our products at a number of school events. Coming soon is Ladies night and the School concert. Come and visit us for the oppurtunity to buy any of our Silver Rain products. Click on Sales for more sales oppurtunities.

If you'd like to order any of our products, find out about manufacturing details, materials, speak to staff at Silver Rain or absolutely anything, please don't hesitate-contact us!

We would also like to hear from anyone who knows where we could sell any of our products at any time.



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