Silver Rain


About our Products

About our Christmas cards


Our Christmas cards are inspirational and hand-made. We value quality and have spent a lot of time specifying them to your needs.

About our bubble wrap cushions


The bubble-wrap cushions are possibly our most innovative product. They come in one size but in a variety of designs. They range from the David Beckham cushion to the plain cushion (which can be personalised for you.) The bubble wrap is recycled from a local company.

About our gift boxes


Our gift boxes are an attractive range of hand-crafted gifts for people of all ages.

About our Silver Soothers


The Silver Soothers are made of a natural wheat and lavender. Simply heat in the microwave for approx. 3 minutes and they stay warm for up to an hour. Our Silver Soothers eliminate chances of scolds or burns and will not burst.

About our Jewellery


Our jewellery is all hand crafted and ranges from earrings to necklaces. As well as silver plated jewellery we also have beaded jewellery, with a selection of colours.


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