Silver Rain


Our current projections for shareholder's dividends.


Silver Rain is funded by shares. We would like to thank all of you who bought shares in us and we are working hard to pay you back!

So far Silver Rain has participated in many successful trading opportunities such as trade fairs and lunchtime stalls.  Our total sales has exceeded 1000.  Our net profit is 666.49.  The current shareholders' funds is 999.84 giving each share an approximate value of 1.25.
Thanks to Doug Nower, one of our advisors, for donating an extra 25 to add to our 40 prize money from Milton Keynes.  The prize money was won by coming 2nd in two of the three competitions at the Milton Keynes trade fair on 16th February.  We came second in best trade stand and best customer service.
Our thanks go to Doug Nower and Pete Newell, our two advisors for helping with the day.  Also a big thank you to Rochelle Dazeley, Maria Nicholson and Bev Kinsella for helping us set up the stand!  Well done to all of the employees who attended: Haadia Choudhary, Kat Trewern, Lizzy Kinsella, Clare Dazeley, Katie Heyes, Zara Nawab, Camilla Stevenson, Rose Stewart, Uzma Yaqoob, Zinnat Khoja and Sarah Ayub!

We will update this page shortly.

Updates every month by Clare Dazeley and Sarah Ayub Financial Directors of Silver Rain.



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